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Bloomberg, Visa & Gap: Network Architects Share SDWAN Transformation with PacketPushers (ONUG 2015)

The Software Defined WAN is rapidly moving into mainstream and companies with large WANs are already deploying SD-WAN technology from companies like Viptela. This live show recorded with a panel of large US corporates like Gap, Bloomberg and Visa who are well advanced into projects to deploy SD-WAN in their Enterprise networks, and talk about the process and positioning of SD-WAN solutions.
Its an eye opening experience to hear stories from people who are testing and deploying the technology today and to talk about issues around SD-WAN that mattered to them.

Show Topics

packet pushers guys photoSolution Strategies

  • Partial / Risk free migration
  • Internet as WAN
  • Application aware routing (better than best & only path)
  • Zero Touch provisioning through controller platform

Panelists Talk About Misconceptions in SDN

  • SDN is not reliable / controller failure.
  • SD-WAN security.
  • Can we do Multicast on SD-WAN ?
  • SD-WAN and scale ?
  • Is SD-WAN proven and trustworthy ? Is it too new ?
  • Programmability – Do you have to be a programmer  to run an SD-WAN ?
  • Voice SLA? Could the Internet be better than your existing private and dedicated WAN

Application Control – the value of real packet analytics and big data.