Zscaler and Viptela Solution Brief


Zscaler and Viptela combine Zscaler’s best-in-class Cloud Security Platform with Viptela SD-WAN solution to simplify how traffic is routed from the branch and make it easy to establish and secure local Internet breakouts. Together, they enable faster, secure, policy based access to the internet and business-critical cloud applications from branch and remote office locations.

As more applications move to the cloud, the old approach of backhauling traffic over MPLS to a centralized Internet gateway via a hub-and-spoke
architecture is no longer relevant. It is expensive and introduces unnecessary latency that negatively impacts user experience. To support a cloud transition and deliver a fast user experience, enterprise network architects are re-evaluating the design of their WAN architectures to find ways to route Internet traffic locally, and to take advantage of inexpensive broadband Internet services, often turning to Software-Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN).

Viptela provides an elegantly and simply architected SD-WAN solution to Fortune 500 and Global 2000 enterprise companies today. The Viptela Fabric is an industry-leading platform that delivers secure end-to-end network virtualization. Enterprises can use the Fabric to build large-scale SD-WAN networks with zero touch bring-up, full integration of routing, security, centralized policy, and orchestration. The result is a network that is easy to manage and more cost efficient to operationalize, empowering
enterprises to deliver on their business objectives.

However, connecting all branch locations directly to the Internet introduces significant security risks, which are particularly challenging to manage with limited IT resources. Together, Zscaler and Viptela minimize exposure to these risks by enabling customers to securely route all their Internet-bound traffic directly to the Zscaler Cloud Security Platform (Zscaler Internet Access, Zscaler Cloud Firewall, or Zscaler Guest Wi-Fi Protection).


  • Viptela SD-WAN simplifies connecting branches to the Internet by leveraging multiple network connection types (broadband, LTE, and MPLS) to optimize application traffic routing and performance, reduce WAN transport costs and network operational expenses
  • Viptela routes Internet traffic locally to Zscaler directly from Viptela vEdge Routers, to enable a fast and secure user experience
  • Zscaler delivers the entire security stack as a cloud-based service that eliminates the need to buy, deploy, and manage security appliances in all your branch locations
  • Zscaler ensures identical protection for users wherever they connect – with policies that follow the user
  • Zscaler enables organizations to define and immediately enforce security and access policies across all locations from a single console, and together with Viptela allow rapid deployment of new security services in minutes, with just a few clicks

Zscaler delivers the entire security stack as a cloud service to secure Internet traffic and deliver a fast user experience — without backhauling and without deploying stacks of security appliances at each location. By routing Internet-bound traffic to Zscaler, customers can immediately begin inspecting all traffic — all ports and protocols, including SSL. Organizations can define and immediately enforce access and security policies across all locations from a single console. There is no compromising on security, with policies following the users to provide identical protection no matter where they connect to and from. And, Zscaler cloud services scale elastically so you can deploy new services in just a few clicks.


Zscaler and Viptela make it easy for enterprises to migrate from a hub-and-spoke to an Internet-only branch architecture by enabling secure local Internet breakouts. With Viptela SD-WAN, network administrators determine what traffic to route to Zscaler. Typically, all branch Internet traffic is forwarded to Zscaler, routing traffic from Viptela vEdge Routers to the Zscaler Cloud Security Service using GRE or IPSec tunnels. Zscaler secures all traffic in the cloud, without security appliances. The combined Zscaler and Viptela solution delivers a secure, high-performance SD-WAN solution that securely connects branches to the Internet with a fast user experience.

About Zscaler

Zscaler enables organizations to securely transform from the old world of IT, which focused on securing the internal network, to the world of cloud and mobility, where the Internet is the new enterprise network. Zscaler delivers the inbound and outbound gateway stacks as a service, providing secure access to the Internet and applications in the data center or cloud. Each day, the Zscaler cloud processes more than 30 billion requests, blocking 125 million threats for 5,000 organizations in 185 countries, and the ThreatLabZ research team provides continuous protection from new and evolving threats. Visit

About Viptela

Viptela provides Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) technology that virtualizes WAN infrastructure. The platform allows global companies to build carrier agnostic, policy-controlled and cost-effective WANs. Viptela has been deployed at thousands of sites by more than 25 Fortune 500 enterprises; and major carriers including Verizon and Singtel are using Viptela to deliver managed SD-WAN services. The company has been named a Next Billion Dollar Startup by Forbes, 2016 Red Herring Global 100 Company and CRN Tech Innovator. Viptela is backed by Redline Capital, Northgate Capital and Sequoia Capital. For more information, visit: or follow us on Twitter @viptela.