SD-WAN Migration Best Practices (30 mins)

SD-WAN Webinars on Demand

In SD-WAN migrations, how do enterprises identify the pilot sites? And how do they plan the large-scale rollouts. There are important planning considerations in both small and large scale migrations. This webinar will explain how different enterprises have executed their rollouts and the lessons learned.

The Viptela Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN) platform delivers an agile, cloud-ready network infrastructure. The major benefits of the SD-WAN technology is a single overlay architecture with centralized policy & management. Viptela SD-WAN has been deployed by the largest banks, retailers, conglomerates, healthcare providers and insurance companies.  As more enterprises deploy SD-WAN at large scale, network administrators are eager to know the best practices for a step-wise migration to an SD-WAN solution.

SD-WAN Webinar Highlights

  • Case studies on how different enterprises have approached their SD-WAN migration
  • Planning your SD-WAN migration with the first five pilot sites
  • Executing a large scale migration of ten, hundred or thousands of sites based on templates and centralized policy
  • Role of the single overlay architecture over MPLS, Broadband & LTE in a seamless WAN transformation
  • Live demo of enabling SD-WAN


Ramesh Prabagaran
VP, Products and Partnerships, Viptela

David Klebanov
Director, Technical Marketing, Viptela