Viptela is now part of Cisco.

In today’s fiercely competitive digital-driven marketplace, enterprises must remove complexity from the WAN. WANs need to be easier to manage, cost-efficient, more agile and available, and better aligned with an organization’s computer and business needs. The SD-WAN is quickly becoming an essential component of enterprise digital transformation.

The benefits of an SD-WAN solution like the Viptela Secure Extensible Network (SEN) are tangible. The following are chief among them.

Complete Transport Independence

  • Secure IP fabric over any underlying transport, including Internet, MPLS, LTE, and Metro Ethernet
  • A logical overlay that intelligently routes data across multiple paths
  • Increased WAN availability, greater reliability, and improved application performance regardless of transport links

Security at Routing Scale

  • Increased security in the form of device authentication and encryption
  • Any-to-any encryption and security
  • The SD-WAN benefits large enterprises by allowing scalability to tens of thousands of network endpoints and 100,000-plus routes while providing multipoint security

End-to-End Network / VPN Segmentation

  • Isolated networks to separate lines of business or create a business partner extranet, for example
  • Robust protection of the network from outside attackers and secure internal separation within multiple application segments
  • Multiple logical topologies with their own encryption schemes

Centralized Monitoring and Management

  • Consolidated management interface
  • A single dashboard to monitor both WAN and SD-WAN service delivery from the data center to the branch
  • Automated zero-touch provisioning
  • Prompt network moves, additions, and changes that take place in hours instead of days or weeks

Device Authentication

  • Automated key management and device authentication to secure network infrastructure
  • Service multiple devices in many remote locations
  • Minimize the number and complexity of installation devices

Visibility Across the Hybrid WAN

  • A web dashboard to aggregate device, site, and network-wide activity
  • Application- or site-based traffic visibility
  • The ability to assign policies to secure and control all WAN traffic
  • Application-aware SLAs for policy-based routing, traffic engineering, per-segment topologies, and other analytics