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FutureWAN’17: The SD-WAN Virtual Summit

Jan. 16-20

Break the status quo with Enterprise Grade SD-WAN

Leading industry analysts, end users, technology players and service providers come together to discuss wide ranging topics on hybrid WAN, security, routing, cloud migration, network monitoring and managed SD-WAN services.

Webinars On-Demand

Best Practices for Extending the WAN to AWS

In this webinar learn some best practice guidelines to extending your WAN to the cloud with SD-WAN. Taking production customer deployment examples, the team will educate you.

SD-WAN 101 Learn the Basics and What it Means

Technology is rapidly changing bringing new concepts to your organization; all aimed to help your organization move further into the Digital Transformation age.

On-Demand: Lessons Learned from the Trenches Deploying O365 and SD-WAN

In this webinar, we will discuss lessons learned and best practices from customers that have gone through the journey of deploying O365 and SD-WAN.

On-Demand: Optimizing SD-WAN for AWS and Azure

In this best practices webinar, you’ll learn how enterprises have implemented an SD-WAN overlay to achieve secure access and optimal performance from any branch endpoint to IaaS workloads in public cloud environments.

Case Studies

Fortune-500 Retailer transition to SD-WAN

Analyst Lee Doyle interviews a global retailer migrating 1400 sites to SD-WAN, to understand why Segmentation, Centralized Management, and Robust Security had driven the decision to this technology. 

Guide to WAN Architecture and Design

This e-guide explains the stepwise transition to SD-WAN using Viptela’s technology. Jim Metzler sets up the problem with a hypothetical enterprise having typical WAN-related business challenges.


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Use Cases

Transport Agnostic VPN

MPLS Layer 3 VPNs were designed when the majority of branch-office traffic flowed within an enterprise’s intranet boundary. However, new applications and cloud service models are shifting traffic patterns. Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN) technology enables enterprises to build a centrally managed, unified WAN over a MPLS, Broadband and 4G/LTE

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End-to-end Network Segmentation

Segmentation and secure isolation of traffic in an enterprise are important for mitigation against attacks and protecting sensitive data. Segmentation also enables multiple logical topologies with different characteristics. No practical options are available to extend VLANs over the Wide Area Network. Now, SD-WAN seamlessly enables this.

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Business Partner Network

Enterprises are looking for a reliable manner to onboard partners and securely partition them from the rest of the network, thus protecting sensitive resources and isolating any breaches. SD-WAN technology with features such as segmentation, centralized policies and automated certificate management meet these requirements.

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Network-Service Insertion / Service Chaining

Enabling Layer 4–7 network services like firewalls, load balancers and IPS in today’s enterprise networks is a complicated process that can take weeks or months. With SD-WAN, network services can be consolidated at a few locations and advertised across the network. Centralized policies can direct traffic to these services, on demand.

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Optimized Internet Performance for Cloud / SaaS

Cloud applications like AWS, Salesforce, and Office365 perform poorly on todays enterprises networks because of two shortcomings in the WAN. One is due to a shortage of bandwidth, the other is due to an inefficient traffic path through Centralized DMZs. SD-WAN solves both of these problems.

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Packet Pushers– Live From New York at ONUG Fall 2016

SD-WAN technology has matured to reach large-scale deployments in multiple industries. During the ONUG conference in fall 2016, multiple Viptela customers came together to discuss their SD-WAN strategy and solution execution. The analyst duo, Greg Ferro and Ethan Banks, of Packet Pushers had an in-depth discussion with three enterprises to understand their technical and business reasons for the migration. They also uncovered the operational due diligence needed for migrating from MPLS to SD-WAN.

Live From New York: Network architects talk SD-WAN

The Packet Pushers duo of Greg Ferro and Ethan Banks interview network and security architects from three Fortune-500 enterprises who are in process of testing and deploying SD-WAN in large scale. The discussion covers the importance of transport-agnostic WAN, centralized management, visibility and application-aware routing. And how these enterprises will benefit from the SD-WAN architecture.

Software Defined WAN on Packet Pushers

As SDN gains rapid traction, SD-WAN is emerging as the leading use-case. Aging WAN architectures are severely impacting enterprise applications; WAN optimization can only address a short-term capacity problem. Famed analysts Greg Ferro and Ethan Banks dig deeper into the real solutions to solve the bigger problems of circuit costs, network rigidity and poor cloud performance.

White Papers

WAN Business Challenges

The aging WAN architectures are rigid, complex and highly expensive. It is not aligned with the enterprise application needs. SD-WAN technology is evolving the MPLS WANs. The solution empowers enterprises  significantly reduce costs, dramatically improve time to enable new services with robust encryption mechanisms.

The Software-Defined WAN Architecture

This Network World paper highlights the major challenges in the WAN and the architectural requirements for a network  transformation. Building on Zeus Kerravala’s thesis that Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN) is now a business imperative, it discusses how SDN-based principles are able to enable a cost-effective and flexible solution.

Data Sheets

Viptela SEN Solution Datasheet

The Viptela Secure Extensible Network (SEN) solution is an industry-leading to build large-scale WANs with complete integration of routing, security, centralized policy, and orchestration. Using SD-WAN based principles,  enterprises build a network that is cost-effective, operationally easy to manage and eliminates disconnects between business and IT.

vEdge Data Sheet

Viptela vEdge routers are hardware routers that provide connectivity amongst sites like branches, data-centers, and campus. The vEdge routers participate in building a secure overlay network over the wide area network (WAN), and provides the essential features of routing, packet forwarding, encryption, QoS, policy, management and ACL functions.