SD-WAN 101 Learn the Basics and What it Means

(Webinar) SD-WAN 101, Learn how the WAN is changing for Your future

Learn how the WAN is changing for Your Future SD-WAN 101

Technology is rapidly changing bringing new concepts to your organization; all aimed to help your organization move further into the Digital Transformation age. One key area of focus is the evolution of the Wide Area Network, the main connectivity highway for your Workforce, Cloud and Data Center Application and Services. Software Defined WAN (SD-WAN) is a relatively new and innovate approach intent on offering more optimized connectivity for the Enterprise. Learn the basics of SD-WAN, What it is and why is it being viewed as the next architectural change you need to consider.


Presenter:  Rob McBride

November 03, 2016

10am PT/ 1pm ET

SDWAN Basics Webinar