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Three Case Studies in SD-WAN Deployments

This webinar will discuss case studies from customers across healthcare, financial, and manufacturing that underwent transformations to SD-WAN technology. We will walk through the major issues that drove the transformation, and the migration journey for each customer. Beyond significant reduction in WAN Opex, there are common themes of challenges that SD-WAN solves across industries. These include resiliency for critical applications, agile change control, secure isolation of critical assets, and building a cloud-aware infrastructure.

Webinar Highlights:

  • Key WAN problems for three customers in healthcare, financial, and manufacturing
  • Different drivers for SD-WAN (M&A, Bandwidth shortage, long times for change control, lack of app visibility)
  • Difference in choices of Hybrid WAN architecture
  • Walking through the testing process, pilots and full deployments


Lloyd Noronha
Lloyd Noronha Head of Global Marketing, Viptela

Lloyd heads the Global Marketing team at Viptela. He brings 20+ years of experience in technology and business practices to drive cutting-edge marketing strategies in B2B environments.

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