Cloud Transformation for SaaS and IaaS

Traditional WAN network infrastructure is breaking the adoption of SaaS and IaaS. Connecting users of an enterprise to application and infrastructure in the cloud requires many transformational changes. For one, the network itself needs to be cloud aware. Next, there needs to be unified management capability for both cloud and on-prem applications. Last, there needs to be a dynamic management of application experience based on realtime network unreliabilities.

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Topics covered:

  • SaaS / IaaS Challenges (ie. Quality of Experience, Onboarding Workflows, Scale, Security)
  • Network Transformation and the Cloud onRamp Solution
  • Benefits for IaaS (ie. Single Solution, Branch to Cloud Connectivity including AWS and Azure)
  • Benefits for SaaS (ie. Improved Experience, Visibility for Office365, Salesforce, Dropbox and more)
  • Use Cases and Case Studies


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ariful haq
Ariful Huq Product Manager, Viptela

Ariful has 11+ years of experience spanning product management, sales, network architecture, service provider networks and operations. He has managed a number of product offerings in the MX routing platform and helped secure opportunities with large Content Providers, Public Cloud Providers, Cable MSOs and Service Providers across North America, Asia and Europe.

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