SD-WAN Webinar

Hybrid cloud is becoming the norm for enterprises. Most branch hybrid cloud deployments today entail point-to-point IPsec tunnels going from data centers to public cloud providers. With multiple connections to multiple cloud providers, enterprises face several challenges. Chief among them are scalability, resiliency, centralized monitoring and management, inter-region instances, and application visibility and sharing.

This webinar describes how the Viptela SD-WAN solution enables enterprises to extend the same capabilities they use in the branch to a public cloud WAN, such as Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure, thus optimizing the SD-WAN in overlay multicast environments. Enterprises can mix and match a variety of connections from different service providers and manage them as a single network. Applications running on a public cloud deliver the same user experience as if they were hosted in a company’s data centers.

Viptela’s approach to the WAN is horizontally scalable and decouples the control plane for routing and security from the forwarding plane. The Viptela SD-WAN solution instantiates the same vEdge CPE that is available in branch, campus, and data center environments as a software router in public cloud environments or on premise as a virtual network function (VNF) for virtual CPE use cases.

Enterprises can use this software SD-WAN solution to stitch IaaS workloads in public cloud environments into their SD-WAN overlay, allowing seamless, secure access to these computer environments from any branch endpoint. Enterprises can also use this software router to build meshed connectivity across infrastructure as a service (IaaS) resources residing in a cloud region or across cloud regions.

The major benefits of SD-WAN technology are a single overlay architecture with centralized policy and management across on-premise and cloud endpoints, overlay multicast and multiple transport flexibility, application visibility and traffic steering, application resiliency, and topology-driven VPN segmentation. The largest banks, retailers, conglomerates, healthcare providers, and insurance companies have deployed Viptela SD-WAN.

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Webinar Highlights

  • Hybrid cloud adoption and triggers
  • Typical hybrid cloud deployment challenges
  • WAN for AWS deployment scenario example
  • The process of instantiating and configuring a vCPE SD-WAN instance in the cloud
  • Analytics and visibility across the overlay multicast
  • Best practices for hybrid cloud deployments


Ariful Huq and Ramesh Prabagaran, Viptela product management