It’s easy to stage the router, configure the router, it’s truly zero touch provisioning. …And one very good feature of Viptela is you add a circuit, and it will just keep load balancing between the circuits. That’s a good way to augment.
– Snehal Patel, Network Architect at Fortune-500 Retailer

We had network connectivity in an hour, so I’ve never seen that really happen with an MPLS solution. I mean it’s usually months. … It was a matter of getting the right IP address, and making some connectivity and working with the Viptela techs. And it was up and running, it worked.
– CIO of Wallstreet Investment Bank

We have two of what’s called the vEdge 1000s at our branches. So it gives us hardware redundancy, transport redundancy, and I mean there is just so much flexibility in the solution. …We had it up and running in 20 minutes.
– Scott Smith, Infrastructure Architect, Fortune-500 Bank

Viptela is providing the VPN solution- the VPN solution that the providers never wanted to support: flexible, efficient, and above all, out of their control.
– Tony Li, BGP Author and Internet Architect

Enterprises have been looking for innovations that help their network scale without driving costs beyond budgets. Viptela’s novel approach to security and control delivers on that innovation.
– Bill Coughran, Former SVP of Engineering, Google

It’s been 15 years since I’ve seen a business model deliver complete innovation to circuit optimization, with comprehensive consideration for security, performance and quality of service.
– Richard Stiennon, Contributing Editor, Forbes and Chief Research Analyst, IT Harvest

We looked at several SD-WAN offerings. Some add even more complexity while others are just not ready for the enterprise. Viptela has actual customers who endorse them and can point to large-scale production deployments.
– Mike Johnson, Director of Technical Sales, Logicalis

We’re excited to be a vForce partner. Viptela understands that channel partners are the fuel that drives this fast-growing market. Viptela offered above industry standard margins and excellent support that accelerated our go to market strategy. By removing obstacles, unnecessary qualifications and delays, we were able to hit the ground running.
– Barry Cooper, Vice President of Marketing, Fishtech Labs

The Viptela SD-WAN platform enables us to rapidly transform our customers’ networks so they can save money and adapt to the requirements of cloud services while optimizing application performance. Their partner program and commitment to the channel makes the whole partnership not merely feasible, but successful.
– Bob Hrbek, National Solutions Manager – SD-WAN, Forsythe Solutions Group

Case Studies

Fortune-500 Retailer transition to SD-WAN

Analyst Lee Doyle interviews a global retailer migrating 1400 sites to SD-WAN, to understand why Segmentation, Centralized Management, and Robust Security had driven the decision to this technology. 

Guide to WAN Architecture and Design

This e-guide explains the stepwise transition to SD-WAN using Viptela’s technology. Jim Metzler sets up the problem with a hypothetical enterprise having typical WAN-related business challenges.

Use Cases

Transport Agnostic VPN

MPLS Layer 3 VPNs were designed when the majority of branch-office traffic flowed within an enterprise’s intranet boundary. However, new applications and cloud service models are shifting traffic patterns. Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN) technology enables enterprises to build a centrally managed, unified WAN over a MPLS, Broadband and 4G/LTE

End-to-end Network Segmentation

Segmentation and secure isolation of traffic in an enterprise are important for mitigation against attacks and protecting sensitive data. Segmentation also enables multiple logical topologies with different characteristics. No practical options are available to extend VLANs over the Wide Area Network. Now, SD-WAN seamlessly enables this.

Business Partner Network

Enterprises are looking for a reliable manner to onboard partners and securely partition them from the rest of the network, thus protecting sensitive resources and isolating any breaches. SD-WAN technology with features such as segmentation, centralized policies and automated certificate management meet these requirements.

Network-Service Insertion / Service Chaining

Enabling Layer 4–7 network services like firewalls, load balancers and IPS in today’s enterprise networks is a complicated process that can take weeks or months. With SD-WAN, network services can be consolidated at a few locations and advertised across the network. Centralized policies can direct traffic to these services, on demand.

Optimized Internet Performance for Cloud / SaaS

Cloud applications like AWS, Salesforce, and Office365 perform poorly on todays enterprises networks because of two shortcomings in the WAN. One is due to a shortage of bandwidth, the other is due to an inefficient traffic path through Centralized DMZs. SD-WAN solves both of these problems.