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Cloud onRamp

Viptela Fabric for Cloud Transformation

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A fundamental tenet of the Viptela Fabric is connecting users in the branch to applications in the cloud in a seamless, secure and reliable fashion. Viptela delivers comprehensive capability for cloud applications with the Cloud onRamp feature on the Viptela Fabric.

Traditional WAN infrastructure is not designed for the Cloud. As enterprises aggressively adopt SaaS applications like Office 365 and Public Cloud infrastructure like AWS and Azure, current network infrastructure poses major problems related to complexity and user experience.

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Cloud Needs a New WAN

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How it Works

The Cloud onRamp feature built on the Viptela Fabric delivers wide-ranging capability for cloud transformation. Cloud onRamp is built for both SaaS and IaaS. 

Cloud onRamp for IaaS


Cloud onRamp for SaaS



Optimizing the WAN for AWS and Azure



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Benefits of Cloud onRamp

Customer Use Cases

“With Viptela cloud instances in Azure, we’ve been able to rapidly extend WAN connectivity to the cloud to enable developers building hybrid-cloud applications. Viptela has been a partner in navigating the complexities of cloud connectivity as we build on existing SD-WAN infrastructure.”

- Eyvonne Sharp, Network Engineer, Kindred Healthcare

“With Viptela SD-WAN Acadia has been finally able to enable SaaS-based healthcare applications at the clinics. The positive user experience has given us the confidence to migrate more applications to SaaS.”

- Eric Lester, Director Network Services, Acadia Health

“Viptela Cloud onRamp has transformed the user experience for our cloud-based services. For example, Microsoft Office 365 response times have improved dramatically, especially at our international sites. We have fewer screen-freezes and and a more responsive application experience. Viptela Cloud onRamp also enables a seamless migration to AWS.”

- Pascal Heger, Global Network Architect, Agilent Technologies

“Microsoft Azure is playing a foundational role in our cloud strategy. Since we have deployed Viptela on a global basis at our physical locations, the value of extending Viptela Fabric directly into the Azure cloud for direct VNET connectivity is transformational.”

- John Shaffer, CIO, Greenhill & Co.



Improve Your Office 365 Experience

Featuring Gartner Research

Cloud Needs a New WAN

Newsletter Publication Featuring Gartner Research