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Application User Experience

Revolutionizing AppUX with the Viptela Fabric

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The AppUX Problem

IT teams have evolved from making decisions based on infrastructure to solving business needs. The industry is abuzz about cloud, mobility, virtualization and more, but the fundamental requirements drill down to “Users” and “Applications”. Viptela has created an architecture blueprint to truly connect Users to Applications with all of the elements of simplicity, reliability and security using the Viptela Fabric.


It is evident that each pillar focuses on a “piece” of the problem but there’s nothing that glues the infrastructure together to provide that optimal User to Application access.

Within the enterprise, the end-to-end network infrastructure comprises of 5 main pillars – hosts & things,
LAN, WAN, Data Center & cloud, and Applications. The major problem comprises of the following:

How it Works

The Viptela Blueprint


The Viptela Fabric is optimally placed in the infrastructure to control the user to application experience. With user fingerprinting techniques and Cloud / Datacenter intelligence, the fabric can secure and reliably provide a unique experience that allows IT to:

  • Control experience for a unique user and / or a unique application
  • Control access for a set of users based on business defined central logic (e.g. user-device-location based policies)
  • Contain and control experience for new Things that show up in the network, especially with the advent of edge computing / Industrial IOT
  • Centrally manage security posture by defining security policies that need to be applied to users or applications


Customer Use Cases

“Viptela has enabled First American to deliver a reliable quality of service for Voice, Video, SaaS and Internet applications by means of application-based policies and redundant circuits. And with about 10x more bandwidth we now have the ability to rollout many new applications.”

Lance Abraham, IT Director, First American Title Insurance

Fifth Third Bank transforms application experience at the branch with Viptela and Verizon

“Viptela’s high performance SD-WAN architecture combined with our next-generation, carrier-class network performance management and SDN solutions provide organizations with a comprehensive monitoring solution for managing the WAN connection to the Cloud.”

Ali Siddiqui, GM Agile Operations, CA Technologies.

“Enterprises demand ironclad security and high performance with compelling economics — without compromise. Viptela’s comprehensive approach to solving the WAN challenges enables us to jointly deliver on these bigger demands from CIOs.”

Punit Minocha, VP of business development, Zscaler.