Viptela is now part of Cisco.

At Viptela, we create best-in-class products that address WAN costs and complexity. We target banks and retailers with dozens, hundreds, or thousands of locations that require constant connectivity and secure data transfers.

Here’s how our product works. As the customer, you install our hardware appliance, the vEdge router, at each endpoint that requires connectivity. You can then run multiple connections through each appliance, including MPLS, Ethernet circuits, broadband, and LTE connections. The appliance merges these connections and applies your policies to the traffic.

You define and manage policies from a central location, like your data center. You’ll use our vSmart SDN Controller, a software package that runs inside a virtual machine, and our vManage Network Management System to access its user interface and dashboard.

Viptela creates a full mesh between each appliance. It allows you to set up end-to-end encryption between your appliances. We believe encryption is the single most important protection you can have in our system because it lets you pick more cost-effective Internet options, such as broadband Internet connections, and still keep your data and traffic secure.

Using cryptology, our system authenticates every vEdge router with the vSmart SDN controller and encrypts communications between the controller and routers. Each vEdge router stores its private keys using a TPM chip, and Viptela’s controller software handles all the key management.

Bottomline: we’ve created a centrally controlled overlay network. As a result, you can make immediate policy changes to your network’s overlay. You don’t have to request changes from a provider and then sit and wait for those changes to be implemented. You also can use any network connection, giving you greater architectural flexibility and potentially improving application performance.