Understand why SD-WAN is one of the fastest adopted SDN technology, and what to look for in an SD-WAN solution.
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Improve Your Office 365 Experience

As cloud evolves, it is important to take a close look at how network planners and managers can optimize the network infrastructure to support Office 365.

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Viptela vs. Cisco iWAN: Comparing Two Biggest SD-WAN Vendors (TechTarget)


Network pro Will Murrell compares and contrasts the capabilities of two of the most deployed SD-WAN technologies

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Why Viptela in the WAN?


50% Lower Costs

Simplified management. Rapid troubleshooting. Ease of certificate management and commodity bandwidth with broadband/LTE.


10X More Bandwidth

No capacity constraints. No choke points. Instantly add bandwidth anytime, anywhere based on application requirements.


5X Cloud Performance

Cloud-aware architectures and SLA-based traffic steering delivers blazing performance for applications like Office365, AWS, Salesforce and more.

What is SD-WAN: Learn about SD-WAN Technology

Case Study: A Fortune-500 Retailer

A Fortune-500 Retailer migrating 1400 sites to SD-WAN. The main drivers were Segmentation, Centralized Management, and Robust Security


Live from NY: Network Architects Talk SD-WAN

Three Fortune-500 network architects, testing and deploying SD-WAN, discuss their experience with Greg and Ethan (60-min Podcast)


Guide: WAN Architecture and Design

This e-guide by Jim Metzler covers the step-by-step transition of a typical enterprise from a traditional WAN to an SD-WAN


Tech Deep Dive: Viptela SD-WAN

Details of the Viptela SD-WAN architecture with integrated routing, policy, security, and segmentation – and centralized control (60-min Podcast)


5-Year ROI for SD-WAN



0% Decrease




Based on Typical MPLS to Hybrid WAN Migration and 30% YoY Traffic Growth


Technical Deep-dive on Software-Defined WAN

(Packet Pushers)

This 60 min podcast by Packet Pushers team of Greg Ferro and Ethan Banks covers the major problems in WAN, and how SD-WAN addresses the big problems related to circuit costs, network rigidity and poor cloud performance. And why SD-WAN will be emerging as the leading SDN use-case. Touching on major aspects of overlay routing, encryption, application-aware routing and operational aspects. This is one of the most insightful sessions on WAN innovation.

Viptela designated a “Cool Vendor” in Gartner’s 2015 Enterprise Networking report

“As more workloads go to the public cloud, hybrid WANs provide the optimal mix of performance and cost.” – Gartner, Cool Vendors in Enterprise Networking, 2 April 2015

WAN Networking

WAN networking is ripe for disruptive innovation. MPLS and frame relay transport technologies are past their growth peaks, and cloud service models and bandwidth-intensive applications are on the rise. Organizations are looking for alternative technologies to improve time to capability, network security and segmentation, and operational ease in the WAN. Two key technologies driving innovation in WAN networking are SDN and network virtualization. The Viptela Secure Extensible Network (SEN) solution works over any underlying transport, providing the benefits of private MPLS Layer 3 VPNs for the WAN while overcoming the key drawbacks associated with MPLS VPNs.